A Consultant's Guide to Conjoint Analysis Reporting

On-demand Webinar

After fielding a conjoint analysis survey, and spending time with the various analysis and simulation tools, it is now time to present the results to your client. But which results should you present? How do you present and interpret the data in a way that makes sense to your client? How do you prepare yourself for the frequently asked questions? Over the years, our experts have refined a number of best-practice guidelines and recommendations. Please join this webinar to discover strategies that will enhance your presentations and make your job even easier!

Webinar Details

What You'll Learn

  • How to report part-worth utilities, importances, sensitivity analysis, and simulations
  • Recommendations for willingness-to-pay analysis
  • Guidelines for interpreting and presenting results


Keith Chrzan

SVP Sawtooth Analytics

Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador