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The Most Powerful Platform for Choice Analytics

Lighthouse Studio supports Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC), MaxDiff, Adaptive CBC and other advanced models. You can follow the default options or exercise great control and customization to make the choice experiments and models achieve even greater sophistication.

Advanced features include anchored and Bandit MaxDiff, conditional display and alternative-specific conjoint designs, prohibitions, utility constraints, and multi-objective search algorithms for optimizing products.

<p>Examples of Attributes and levels in Discover </p>

Predictive Simulations

<p>Predicitive simulations graph in Lighthouse Studio</p>

Easily build predictive simulation models based on gold-standard tools such as hierarchical Bayes.

Investigate market reactions to different product configurations, pricing moves, and competitors. Find optimal combinations to maximize any combination of demand, revenue or profit.

Simulations can be enhanced with additional data regarding product awareness, availability, or differential distribution of brands.

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Robust Survey Authoring Platform

Lighthouse Studio is much more than a platform for choice modeling.

Create rich surveys with mobile-friendly questions such as rating scales, open-ends and drag-and-drop rankings.

Manage respondent flow with quotas, page and block randomization, robust skip logic and automatic looping.

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Flexible Data Collection

<p>Mobile Survey's on a phone</p>

Field your survey on our secure servers with no per respondent fees, custom survey links, or host your survey independently for complete data privacy control.

Lighthouse Studio plays nicely with other survey platforms and supports all major panel providers. Field surveys on the go with our free offline app for Windows PCs and Android devices.

Power-User Friendly

Go beyond the basics with dynamic answer lists, custom answer verification, and the ability to store your questions in a custom question library.

Change the look, feel, and functionality by inserting custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Sawtooth Script into your survey.

When standard questions don't quite cut it, create your own type of question-- including custom conjoint and MaxDiff questions-- using the free format feature to ask your question in a new and customized way.

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