Examples of project work

Assisting with a difficult conjoint/choice analysis study designs

Menu-Based Choice studies, including bundling vs. a la carte pricing

Providing a customized software solution for a conjoint/choice interview that exceeds the capabilities of our off-the-shelf systems

There’s always something new and many problems call for unique conjoint design solutions, another way Sawtooth Analytics can support you

Applications of Maxdiff to new measurement domains

End-to-end design through analysis to reporting for conjoint, pricing, segmentation, customer satisfaction and brand image studies

Providing general survey methodology assistance to help with survey design, including sample size determination, scale selection and questionnaire design

Lending analytical support for all sorts of non-conjoint marketing research including brand image studies, segmentation studies, customer satisfaction, pricing, and concept testing studies

Methods used

Conjoint & Choice Experiments

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC)

Menu Based Conjoint (MBC)

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC)

Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA)


Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA)

Various specialized conjoint models

  • Models mixing stated and derived preferences
  • Models incorporating attribute non-attendance
  • Moderated choice experiments
  • Best-worst choice experiments
Predictive Models

Correlation/regression analysis

Robust regression analyses for ill-conditioned data

Logistic regression

Multinomial logit

Lexicographic choice models

Advanced Statistical Mapping


Non-parametric statistics

Psychometric Analyses

Factor analysis

Reliability analysis


CCEA Cluster analysis/ensemble analysis


Latent class analysis

Perceptual Mapping

Discriminant analysis

Multidimensional scaling

Correspondence analysis

Sample size and power analysis

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