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Authoring Features

Collaboration (multiple authors) 

Custom CSS 

Custom HTML 

Custom Javascript/JQuery 

Custom Perl 

Data Generator 

Design Efficiencey Testing 

Duplicate questions, lists, logic 

Export/import survey text for easy translation 

Foreign language character support 

Import merged data fields 

Internal/alternate labels 

Use custom survey style template 

Lists: Dynamic constructed 

Lists: Predefined 

Looping (loop through a set of questions for each item in a list) 

Media: Images (jpg, gif, png, svg) 

Media: Play audio from third-party streaming service 

Media: Play video from third-party streaming service 

Multiple questions per page 

Offline authoring 

Offline previewing and testing 

Online previewing and testing 

Word Import 

Pass-in variables 

Password access to survey 

Password generator 

Password import 

Data piping

Print study (HTML, PDF, TXT) 


Randomize pages 

Randomize response options 

Redirect links 

Response validation (automatic & custom) 

Script logic (pre- and post-skip) 

Question Types

General Interviewing

Constant Sum

Grid Table


Ranking (drag-to-box, dropdowns, input boxes, sort horizontally, sort vertically)

Select (single, multiple, dropdown, exclusive, other specified)

Semantic Differential (radio or slider)

Research Methods

ACA (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)

ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint)

CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)

CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis)

MaxDiff (Best-Worst Scaling)


Terminate (set status, or redirect)

Text (display)

Fielding Studies

Admin Module (real-time reports, download, and data management)

Edit/delete data offline

Edit/delete data online

Free hosting on Sawtooth Software servers

Import data collected via paper-based surveys

Link to/from other surveys or websites


Custom data export

Export data to CSV

Export data to Excel

Export data to SPSS

Segmentation: Latent class MNL

Simulator (Excel)

Simulator (Online) - add on product

Simulator (Windows app)

Utility estimation: hierarchical Bayes (HB)

Utility estimation: Logit

Utility estimation: Monotone regression

Utility estimation: OLS (Ordinary Least Squares)

Research Methods


Alternative-specific designs


Chip allocation (constant sum)

Conditional display

Free Format

Import/export custom design file

Interaction search tool

Up to 250 attributes per exercise

Up to 250 levels per attribute

Partial-profile designs

Shelf-presentation displays


Calibration tasks

Conjoint pairs tasks

Display best/worst attribute levels

Display most/least important attributes

Display part-worth utilities

Importance tasks

Up to 30 attributes per exercise

15 levels per attributes

Ratings Questions


Anchored scaling

Bandit Designs

Display respondent’s on-the-fly logit scores

Express Designs

Import/export design file

2000 items per excercise

Sparse Designs

TURF analysis - Add-on product



Displays one or two concepts at a time

30 attributes per exercise

15 levels per attribute

Ranked Order

Rating Scales

Traditional full-profile

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