Lighthouse Studio Downloads

Lighthouse Studio includes modules for general interviewing, ACA, CBC, ACBC, CVA, and MaxDiff exercises. A valid license for each module will be required before a module may be accessed.

To install, click the "Download" button and save the executable file to your hard drive. Double-click the executable to start the installation.

Before you can use the software, you must create a Sawtooth Software Account, which can be done at Once created, you can sign in using the user icon in the upper right corner of the software. Your licenses to the software will automatically be downloaded when you sign in.

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Latest Version

Fixes & Changes:

  1. Conjoint or MaxDiff exercises can now be on the first page of a survey without a login page.
  2. Randomized or constructed lists can now be used on the first page of a survey without a login page.
  3. Improved performance of loading items in the list of covariates in the Analysis Manager.
  4. Improved the algorithm that generates competitive sets for Willingness To Pay scenarios when there are prohibitions.
  5. Improved report loading times in the Simulator and Analysis Manager when there is a large amount of rows.
  6. Fixed an issue where CBC exercises could not be previewed without a design file.
  7. Fixed an "object reference error" when changing page formatting options in the Survey Settings window.
  8. Fixed issues with pasting in the Respondent Identifiers window.
  9. Fixed an intermittent "object reference error" message that appears in the "Project Error Check".
  10. Fixed an error when changing the At Least/At Most options for ACBC Must Haves.
  11. Fixed an issue when closing the login page settings window for projects that contained link variables but no respondent identifiers.
  12. Fixed an error during interviews when using randomized pages or blocks, and there was no login page.
  13. Fixed issue where newly uploaded respondent ids were not recognized.
  14. Fixed issue where after uploading to a self-hosted server, the links shown to the user did not contain the correct remote study path.
  15. Fixed page breaks from showing in the list of options for "skip to" logic.
  16. Fixed an issue first introduced in v9.9.0 where when recreating MaxDiff on-the-fly scores, under certain conditions the ranks reported did not match those computed in the interview.
  17. Fixed an issue where CBC/HB would show an error if covariates are used.
  18. Fixed an issue in test mode where values for link variables cannot be entered on the login page.
  19. Fixed an error that appears when creating or editing random blocks that include blank values.
  20. Fixed an error during interviews when using Relevant Items MaxDiff.
  21. Fixed a problem exporting when variable fields from MaxDiff on-the-fly designs exist in the data table, but the project is later switched to use pregenerated designs.
  22. Fixed a Javascript error when previewing items in the Question Library.
  23. Fixed an error when viewing CBC Latent Class settings containing constraints.
  24. Fixed issue with the Write Questionnaire window appearing odd on high DPI monitors.
  25. Fixed occasional error when using group scale constraints in MaxDiff Latent Class.

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