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SSI Web 8.4.8

02 November 2015


The following bug fixes have been made in SSI Web in general:

  1. Additional security measures have been implemented.
  2. In rare circumstances in the export area an error "startindex cannot be larger than the length of the string" would occur.
  3. An unnessary warning would occur when exporting the field sys_SequentialRespNum.
  4. Auto upload would display the error "unsupported encryption" on FIPS 140-2 compliant computers.
  5. If a filter used by an export job is deleted and the export job is run, an error would occur.
  6. If a quota question came first on a page with multiple questions, then backing up would cause the original quota value to be removed when the page was resubmitted.

The following bug fixes have been made in ACBC:

  1. ACBC Interaction Search Tool with optional .hbu file for Main Effects would show "Matrices are not compatible" error in some cases.

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