Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint

ACBC vs. Partial Profile CBC: A Market-Based Comparison (2021)

11 Nov 2021 - 2601 hits

Partial-profile CBC is an alternative to ACBC when there are many attributes in conjoint studies. In this article, Fisher and co-authors compared partial-profile CBC to ACBC for a smartphone choice ... Read More

ACBC Technical Paper (2014)

01 Feb 2014 - 11370 hits

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC) is a new approach for adaptive choice-based conjoint studies. The interview has three main phases: 1) BYO (configuration) phase, 2) Consideration phase, 3) ... Read More

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: A New Patient-Centered Approach to the Assessment of Health Service Preferences (2010)

06 Aug 2010 - 3096 hits

This article is from a peer-reviewed journal article on Sawtooth Software’s ACBC (Adaptive CBC) approach. Indeed, most ACBC research has been published at the Sawtooth Software and joint ... Read More

Fine-Tuning CBC and Adaptive CBC Questionnaires (2009)

01 Jun 2009 - 5024 hits

In this article, the author (Orme) uses random split-sample experiments to test different ways of asking CBC and Adaptive CBC (ACBC) questionnaires. Specifically, he examines: Use of minimal overlap ... Read More

CBC vs. ACBC: Comparing Results with Real Product Selection (2009)

01 Jun 2009 - 4309 hits

Validity studies that include data on actual sales are hard to obtain. In this article, Chris Chapman of Microsoft Corporation compares CBC and Adaptive CBC (ACBC) in terms of a number of measures, ... Read More

A Perspective on Adaptive CBC (What Can We Expect from Respondents?) (2008)

01 Jul 2008 - 4827 hits

Rich Johnson, a key person in the development of conjoint analysis methods over the last 30 years, gives his perspective on Adaptive CBC (ACBC). What role does it play in the evolution of conjoint ... Read More

Testing Adaptive CBC: Shorter Questionnaires and BYO vs. “Most Likelies” (2008)

01 Apr 2008 - 3638 hits

Bryan Orme and Rich Johnson report on another methodological test of their Adaptive CBC procedure (comparing it to standard non-adaptive CBC). This time, they study home purchases and employ shorter ... Read More

A New Approach to Adaptive CBC (2007)

01 Oct 2007 - 8079 hits

In this paper, Rich Johnson and Bryan Orme from Sawtooth Software take an entirely new approach from their previous attempts at adaptive CBC. The new approach mimics the purchase process of ... Read More