Choice Based Conjoint (CBC)

Summed Pricing CBC Experiments and How to Do Them (2023)

07 Nov 2023 - 696 hits

In this article, Orme outlines the pros and cons of different pricing methods in Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) studies. He focuses on Summed Pricing, where total price is determined by fixed component ... Read More

CBC Technical Paper (2017)

01 Aug 2017 - 14925 hits

Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC) is an integrated component within the Lighthouse Studio platform for conducting choice-based conjoint studies. The main characteristic distinguishing choice-based ... Read More

Statistical Testing (2017)

01 Jun 2017 - 4871 hits

The following article features Chapter 12 of Bryan Orme and Keith Chrzan's 2017 book, Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros.

Choice Experiments for Pharmaceutical Market Research (2015)

01 Jun 2015 - 3048 hits

In modeling the prescribing decisions of physicians, pharmaceutical marketing researchers face challenges which combine to limit sample sizes while requiring complex models. This paper reviews some ... Read More

Perceptual Choice Experiments: Enhancing CBC to Get from Which to Why (2015)

01 Jun 2015 - 3327 hits

CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) choice simulators predict share of choice for product concepts within competitive market scenarios, but they provide no insights into perceptions—the why’s behind the ... Read More

The Random Regret Minimization Choice Modeling Paradigm: An Introduction with Empirical Tests (2014)

01 Jun 2014 - 2845 hits

A new choice paradigm available to academic and applied choice modelers is Random Regret Minimization (RRM). RRM works from the assumption that what drives choice is the avoidance of regret: a ... Read More

Scale Constrained Latent Class (2013)

06 Dec 2013 - 2733 hits

Latent Class for Multinomial Logit (MNL) is a popular procedure for finding segments of respondents with different preferences from choice data such as CBC and MaxDiff. However, one aspect of ... Read More

History of Sawtooth Software's CBC Program (2011)

01 Jun 2011 - 3941 hits

Sawtooth Software's founder, Rich Johnson, describes the events that led to the development of the CBC software product. This document provides insights into key developments that have made CBC the ... Read More

CBC/HB Technical Paper (2009)

18 Jun 2009 - 16555 hits

Hierarchical Bayes is an advanced technique for computing individual- level part worths from CBC data. HB has been described favorably in numerous journal articles. Its strongest point of ... Read More

Fine-Tuning CBC and Adaptive CBC Questionnaires (2009)

01 Jun 2009 - 5024 hits

In this article, the author (Orme) uses random split-sample experiments to test different ways of asking CBC and Adaptive CBC (ACBC) questionnaires. Specifically, he examines: Use of minimal overlap ... Read More

Comment on Huber: Practical Suggestions for CBC Studies (2004)

01 Feb 2004 - 3180 hits

This paper, by practitioner Jon Pinnell, was first delivered at the 2004 Sawtooth Software Conference, as a comment on Joel Huber's paper (also available for download within this library) entitled ... Read More

Getting the Most from CBC (2003)

01 Nov 2003 - 6601 hits

This paper discusses successful strategies for using CBC properly, and warns against common pitfalls. Topics include: using prohibitions, determining number of attribute levels to include, sample ... Read More

Special Features of CBC Software for Packaged Goods and Beverage Research (2003)

01 Aug 2003 - 2536 hits

CBC is a popular tool for studying brand and price effects for packaged goods and beverages. Under the proper conditions, it can produce quite accurate predictions of buyer behavior. The purpose of ... Read More

Predicting Actual Sales with CBC: How Capturing Heterogeneity Improves Results (1999)

01 Mar 1999 - 3175 hits

The authors (Orme and Heft) provide evidence that, under proper conditions, conjoint analysis can accurately predict what buyers do in the real world. Their results are based on CBC interviews ... Read More

The Benefits of Accounting for Respondent Heterogeneity in Choice Modeling (1998)

01 Oct 1998 - 3225 hits

This paper demonstrates why recognizing differences between segments or respondents results in more predictive and valid choice simulations than simple aggregate models. Latent Class and ICE ... Read More

Extensions to the Analysis of Choice Studies (1997)

01 Jun 1997 - 3078 hits

In this paper (originally published in our 1997 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings) Tom Pilon of TRAC, Inc. presents some additional types of analysis that can be done using standard CBC data. ... Read More

How Many Questions Should You Ask in Choice-Based Conjoint Studies? (1996)

01 Jun 1996 - 7780 hits

When planning a choice-based conjoint study, one must decide how many choice tasks to give each respondent. Too many may produce biased or noisy results, and too few will reduce precision. We ... Read More

Using Conjoint Analysis in Pricing Studies: Is One Price Variable Enough? (1992)

01 Aug 1992 - 3956 hits

This paper discusses a real-world case study using Choice-Based Conjoint. The Choice-Based Conjoint approach is shown to be a powerful method for uncovering brand x price interactions. The authors ... Read More