Importance and Prediction Models

Rating Scales for Use in Driver Analysis (2024)

20 Mar 2024 - 630 hits

This paper covers rating scales commonly used in driver analysis, both for the overall measure and for the attribute ratings. Where possible we base our recommendations on research we (e.g., ... Read More

Situational Choice Experiments for Marketing Research: How to Design, Analyze and Report Them (2022)

17 Nov 2022 - 1684 hits

Situational choice experiments (SCE) resemble choice-based conjoint experiments, but (a) they have different experimental design requirements and (b) they ask for a different type of response from ... Read More

Analysis Options for Patient Chart Studies (2022)

30 Aug 2022 - 1098 hits

A type of choice modeling we do that's unique to pharmaceutical research is the patient chart study. These involve modeling physicians' prescribing decisions using data taken from patients' medical ... Read More

Driver Analysis: How to Do It Badly and Well (2022)

30 Aug 2022 - 1416 hits

In a driver analysis we seek to measure the importance of various attributes in predicting some overall performance measure like an overall brand rating or a customer satisfaction rating. ... Read More