MaxDiff (Best/Worst) Scaling

Real-Time Detection of Random Respondents in MaxDiff (2022)

22 Feb 2022 - 2813 hits

In this paper we demonstrate a method that enables you to identify random respondents during a MaxDiff survey. This means that you may be able to tag and disqualify poor quality respondents before ... Read More

Statistical Testing - MaxDiff (2020)

11 Nov 2020 - 3010 hits

Chapter 6 exerpt from the book Applied MaxDiff.

Sparse, Express, Bandit, Relevant Items, Tournament, Augmented, and Anchored MaxDiff—Making Sense of All Those MaxDiffs! (2019)

17 May 2019 - 5377 hits

Over the last 15 years, new flavors of MaxDiff have been devised to extend its capabilities to measure more items or to address drawbacks. This short white paper describes seven different flavors of ... Read More

How Good Is Best-Worst Scaling? (2018)

10 Jul 2018 - 8210 hits

Best-worst scaling (BWS) gives you better information with fewer respondents—it works better than traditional rating scales or constant sum questions, achieving better discrimination among the items ... Read More

Bandit MaxDiff: When to Use It and Why It Can Be a Better Choice than Standard MaxDiff (2018)

09 Feb 2018 - 3873 hits

Bandit MaxDiff (best-worst scaling) achieves greater measurement precision than standard MaxDiff for items that have the highest utility scores. When that is your focus, you can vastly improve the ... Read More

A Parameter Recovery Experiment for Two Methods of MaxDiff with Many Items (2015)

09 Jan 2015 - 4366 hits

Clients don’t seem to be able to get enough of a good thing and this seems to apply more to MaxDiff than to some of the other methods we use: clients frequently ask for MaxDiff experiments that ... Read More

Common Scale Hybrid Discrete Choice Analysis: Fusing Best-Worst Case 2 and 3 (2013)

04 Nov 2013 - 3094 hits

The author (Orme) describes a hybrid discrete choice method that results in conjoint utilities on a common utility scale (where comparisons across levels of different attributes are supported). For ... Read More

MaxDiff Technical Paper (2020)

01 Feb 2013 - 18364 hits

This paper describes the technical procedures used in the MaxDiff System. MaxDiff (best-worst) scaling is a trade-off method for measuring the importance or preference for multiple items, such as ... Read More

Anchoring MaxDiff Scaling Against a Threshold - Dual Response and Direct Binary Responses (2010)

09 Jul 2010 - 4884 hits

Maximum Difference Scaling is widely used to measure the relative values of items/attributes. Despite the strengths of MaxDiff, some analysts would prefer data that represented more than just ... Read More

Anchored Scaling in MaxDiff Using Dual-Response (2009)

04 Sep 2009 - 5561 hits

Traditional MaxDiff analysis leads to relative importance/preference scores. But, there is no possible way for respondents to express that (for example) all the items are important or none of the ... Read More

MaxDiff Analysis: Simple Counting, Individual-Level Logit, and HB (2009)

05 Jun 2009 - 7167 hits

This paper compares different methods of obtaining individual-level scores for MaxDiff surveys at the individual level: Simple counting, individual-level logit, and HB. Key to the success for all ... Read More

Using Calibration Questions to Obtain Absolute Scaling in MaxDiff (2009)

01 Mar 2009 - 3464 hits

In this paper, we create an artificial situation that demonstrates the relative scaling issue for MaxDiff at its worst. We collect a first wave of MaxDiff data on 30 items, and based on the items’ ... Read More

Political Landscape 2008: Segmentation Using MaxDiff and Cluster Ensemble Analysis (2008)

12 Sep 2008 - 3567 hits

This article provides a case study regarding how MaxDiff and Cluster Ensemble analysis can be used to segment a population. Sawtooth Software conducted an online study among US respondents just prior ... Read More

Adaptive Maximum Difference Scaling (2006)

05 May 2006 - 4641 hits

The author (Orme) presents results from two studies testing a new procedure called Adaptive MaxDiff Scaling. Rather than focus equal attention on estimating respondents' preferences (or importances) ... Read More

Testing for the Optimal Number of Attributes in MaxDiff Questions (2006)

17 Mar 2006 - 3948 hits

The authors investigate how the number of items per MaxDiff set affects dropout rates, survey length, positional bias, parameter equivalence, and predictive validity. Three commercial studies are ... Read More

Accuracy of HB Estimation in MaxDiff Experiments (2005)

18 Jan 2005 - 3926 hits

This paper communicates results of a Monte Carlo simulation study on how the precision of estimates for MaxDiff (best/worst) experiments is affected by: Number of items presented per set, Number of ... Read More

The Options Pricing Model: An Application of Best-Worst Measurement (2004)

04 Mar 2004 - 3869 hits

This article offers a case study demonstrating how best/worst scaling may be used for estimating the price sensitivity of automobile buyers to different car options, such as warranty, anti-lock ... Read More

Maximum Difference Scaling: Improved Measures of Importance and Preference for Segmentation (2003)

02 Jun 2003 - 7577 hits

Maximum Difference (MaxDiff, or best/worst) scaling is a relatively new technique for measuring the importance or preference of multiple items. In MaxDiff tasks, respondents see sets of items ... Read More